6 Week Moving Checklist:

When it comes to moving, signing the lease is the easy part.

The weeks leading up to your move in day can feel long and overwhelming, but the Al Angelo Company is here to help!

This 6 week checklist will help you stay on top of all the details leading up to the big day.

With this guide, you’ll spend less time panicking and more time celebrating your new home!


6 weeks before:

  • Request moving day off work – moving on a Friday leaves all weekend to settle and unpack!
  • If moving out of town: Send out a formal announcement to friends, family, and coworkers. Set up a going away dinner if you feel necessary
  • Plan a garage sale or donation day- Why haul items you don’t need?
  • Schedule a moving company if needed, or simply ask friends and family to set the date aside!

4 weeks before:

  • Address any home repairs
  • Notify USPS and other business’s of address change – don’t forget monthly subscriptions!
  • Begin deep cleaning your home 
  • Schedule cable, internet, and phone installation
  • If moving out of town: Plan your route, book a hotel if necessary

2 weeks before:

  • Collect moving boxes- Liquor, grocery, and book stores often give them out for FREE
  • Schedule pet/babysitter for move in day
  • Begin packing
  • Update drivers license + voter registration
  • Change pets ID tags
  • Schedule the transfer of utilities, garbage, and gas service

Week of move in day:

  • Clean out fridge
  • Check weather for move in day – be prepared!
  • Label all fragile boxes / label boxes by room
  • Pack an essentials bag for your first 24 hours in a new home-
  • Do a thorough walk through of your old place! Take photos and video!

Move in day:

  • Wake up 1-2 hours before movers/help arrives
  • Pick up a couple pizzas to fuel friends / family (moving makes you hungry!)
  • Tip your movers!
  • Do a thorough walk through of new empty place- Take photos and video!
  • Unpack your toiletries and bedding- Make your bed and hang your shower curtain!
  • SLEEP.

Congratulations, you’re moved!