One of the easiest ways to liven up an apartment is by adding a few house plants to each space. Not only do plants help purify the air by removing toxins, but they double as decoration and will instantly transform the look of your space!

Some apartments can feel small and may not have the best natural lighting, so today we are sharing 4 low maintenance house plants that are ideal for apartment dwellers!



One of the easiest plants to maintain is the Aloe Vera plant.

Popular for its medicinal gel that alleviates burns and scrapes, this plant is great to keep on hand in the kitchen.

No need to worry about this plant when you leave on vacation- Aloe Vera holds water in its leaves, meaning they can go quite a long time without water!


This popular climbing plant enjoys indirect sunlight and minimal watering- although it does thrive in humid temperatures, so misting this plant is a great way to keep it lush, especially during dry months!

English Ivy looks beautiful as a hanging plant or cascading down a bookshelf. Plus their clippings make great gifts and centerpieces!



Snake Plants are consistently praised for being fast growing and easy to care for house plants. one of the reasons they’re perfect for apartments is that they thrive in just about any lighting, and don’t need much TLC!

Their sharp and pointy leaves make a great statement piece in your living room or bedroom!


Most known for bringing good luck and fortune, why wouldn’t you want to own a Jade Plant?

This popular and unique looking succulent doesn’t need much attention, but thrives best in the sunlight- Making it the perfect window sill plant!


We hope this helps inspire you to add some house plants to your apartment this spring!

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